In our first episode of Season 4, I speak with Counselor and Registered Social Worker, Karen Turnock about strategies on how we can pause, acknowledge, and embrace our own mental health. Part discussion, part interview, part therapy session, we dive deep into the mental health challenges working moms have faced over that past year and a half.

In this episode, Lana Bentley and I dive deep into the mental health challenges that our kids are facing. We look at gender roles and how they play into mental health, as well as gender identity and how that is changing within the realm of mental health. 

In this episode, I speak with mother, activist and founder of Niitsítapi Water Protectors, Latasha Calf Robe. Latasha shares her story as to what it means to be a Blackfoot mother and woman. We examine how motherhood can be fierce. Motherhood can be empowering. Motherhood can be a push for activism.
In this episode, I speak with Story Coach and storyteller, Jilliane Yawney. Jilliane shares her story about how a road trip with a stop in Detroit Michigan changed the trajectory of her life and instilled in her a love for storytelling.